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Smoke Ventilation System Design

Lareine Engineering is a leading UK provider of smoke ventilation solutions for retail, commercial, industrial, custodial and public buildings.

We employ a team of five CAD / Technical  designers bringing together many years of expertise in natural and smoke ventilation design.

We are Certified Partners with:
Brakel (part of Kingspan Light+Air),  a world leader in the development and manufacturing  of Smoke and Natural Ventilation products.
Windowmaster, a world leader in window automation.

We are also active members of the Smoke Control Association and HEVAC.

Working with the latest AutoCAD and CFD software, we can design and develop smoke control systems to meet the specific requirements of your building and provide regulatory compliance.

Our smoke control product range is fully tested to BS EN 12101 by an independent testing authority – and we therefore provide the correct certification that brings real peace-of-mind for specifiers and building occupiers.

We are fully certified under the SDI 19 certification scheme, which has been developed by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) in partnership with IFC Certification.

Smoke control with natural ventilation in a typical retail mall

natural smoke ventilation systems

Today’s typical shopping malls and office complexes are busy and often multi-level buildings requiring high levels of natural daylight and often with complex requirements for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation. This diagram shows where Lareine Engineering design expertise focuses on integration with the building structure, to meet these needs.

1. Louvred ventilators allow clean fresh air to be drawn in to replace stale air
2. Fixed louvres and roof ventilation terminals to exhaust stale air and fumes
3. Dual purpose louvred ventilators can provide both smoke & natural ventilation and can be integrated into our rooflights

Important functions of a smoke control system

Effective Smoke control system design can save lives and protect property. 38% of deaths in building fires are the result of smoke alone. A further 21% of deaths are due to smoke and burns. The key functions of a smoke control system are therefore:

  • To keep escape and access routes free from smoke
  • To allow effective fire fighting activity to take place
  • To delay or prevent risk of the fire spreading or increasing in intensity
  • To protect the contents of the building
  • To minimise damage to the structure, fixtures and fittings of the building

Tailored solutions based on proven technology and expertise

Lareine Engineering offers a turnkey service comprising initial consultancy, system design, engineering, installation, commissioning and on-going maintenance if required.

Our team has developed solutions of all types of buildings including schools and colleges, sports stadia, retail and commercial premises, hotels, residential buildings and others. Each building presents a unique challenge. Draw on our expertise for a solution that brings peace-of-mind.

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